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Raphael Knipping and my photos were published alongside a story of Simon Grothe for Vice News Germany.

Exarcheia under Attack

In the Exarcheia district of Athens anarchists hold squats, refugees seek retreat as deportation lurks. Die newly elected conservative government wants to end this.

Text & photo assignment for Jungle World.

Burning Rage

On December 6, 2008 a policeman on patrol murdered 16 year old Alexandros Grigoropolus near the alternative district of Exarcheia in the capital of Greece. The events sparked an outrage and Greek-wide riots, as the teenager became a symbol for the authoritarian Greek state. Police officer Epaminondas Korkoneas was charged with and convicted of murder. Ten years later thousands of people hold demonstrations commemorating the killed young man. At night police clashes with activists around Exarcheia.

Wildfire in Northern Germany

A heat-wave in early July in Germany led to fields and forest drying out. In Lübtheen a wildfire was sparked - likey by an arsonist - leaving thousands of Hektars burning on a former military training area that is full of left-over ammunition. Villages were evacuated. Fire-workers were not able to approach the area burning due to the danger of exploding old ammunition spread all over the place. Police and military helped fighting the wildfire. Helicopters and water cannons were used in the attempt to shut off the fire. Journalists were held back from the area. In the end the fire was isolated and left burning. It was declared the biggest wildfire in the history of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Where it all began

In Betlehem, the birth site of Jesus - nowadays located in the West Bank, annually big celebrations take place. Pilgrim tourism often seems profane.

Text & photo assignment for Jungle World.

La Dolce Vita in a Bowl

The fair »Doglive« offers everything that can be capitalized on around the topic of the oldest friend in human history. A visit.

Text & Photo Assignment for JungleWorld.

Stranded in Bavaria

Since August 2018 refugees in Bavaria are isolated in so called "ANKER" Centers, large camps inhabiting up to several thousand people. Repeatedly protest against the conditions in the camps arises, as well as attacks on refugees by the security personal in charge.

Photo & Text Assignment for Jungle World:

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