Michael Trammer  ... is a freelance journalist from... Credit: Sitara Thalia Ambrosio

Michael Trammer

... is a freelance journalist from Hanover. He prefers to work multimedia and in an investigative way. Whether photo, video or text - the topic determines for him what the right medium is. Trammer mostly writes and researches on social movements, social inequality, migration and group-focused enmity.

Trammer is a member of the journalist collective Freelance Underground. Together, "Freelance Underground" produces multimedia reports - for example on the situation for refugees on Lesbos in early 2020, on the situation on the so called Balkan route in 2021 or on the situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border shortly after the beginning of the invasion by Russia. The reports were awarded, 3rd prize of the "College Photographer of the Year 2020" in the category multimedia and the "Grimme Online Award" in 2022, among others. In 2022, Trammer produced the 45-minute documentary "Eigenbedarf - Leben auf dem Schleudersitz" together with Raphael Knipping, in which homeless people who secretly occupy a vacant apartment have their say.

Trammer is a trained media designer in picture and sound and is currently studying Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover. He writes for several German daily newspapers (taz, nd, RND), is involved as a freelance reporter among others in productions for NDR Panorama/STRG-F and sendefähig GmbH on behalf of ZDF. In addition, many of his photos have been published in major German daily newspapers and magazines.

Bahnhofstrasse 42, 82152 Planegg
+49 (0) 176/61164397
mail@michaeltrammer.de (For safer communication, please use PGP-Encryption: Download my public key)

Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography, Hochschule Hannover
until June 2018
Mediadesigner Picture & Sound, ARRI Media GmbH 
until June 2013
Allgemeine Hochschulreife, Kurt-Huber-Gymnasium, Gräfelfing

2017 - 2019
imago stock&people GmbH, www.imago-images.de
since 2020
freelance writer 
"taz - die tageszeitung", "neues deutschland", "jungle.world"
founding member
"Freelance Underground" journalism collective

CPOY 75, bronze in "Multimedia Storytelling"
Grimme Online Award for postproduction of

Michael Trammer

Freelance photo- and videojournalist based in Germany. Work focused on social movements, breaking news, politics, far-right extremism and humanitarian crisis.
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